Drug Delivery

Xeragenx is advancing multiple drug delivery platforms that utilize the rhIF protein alone and in combination with vitamin B12.

The vitamin B12 dietary uptake pathway is unique for providing protection and stability to vitamin B12 as it travels down the GI tract to the terminal ileum where it undergoes receptor-mediated endocytosis. Intrinsic factor is the critical carrier protein in this pathway that ensures vitamin B12 survives hydrolysis/proteolysis and then binds to the specific B12-IF physiologic receptor, cubilin. This presents a unique opportunity for the oral delivery of B12 conjugated therapeutic peptides and proteins at clinically significant levels.

Xeragenx is conducting research with partners evaluating the oral delivery of B12 conjugated peptides pre-bound to recombinant human intrinsic factor as an alternative to current injection therapy.

Other areas of partnered research programs underway include the delivery of B12-rhIF complexes and conjugates for addressing unmet needs in various other diagnostic and therapeutic applications.