David S. Hermelin
Chief Executive Officer

Board Member

Xeragenx_Web_DavidDavid has over 22 years of experience as part of the senior management team and Board of Directors at KV Pharmaceutical Company and was responsible for directing Corporate Strategy, reporting to the CEO.  He played a leading and pivotal role in transforming KV from its historical roots as a contract developer and manufacturer generating $35M in revenues into one of the leading specialty pharmaceutical companies in the United States, with over $600M in revenues and 12 out of 13 straight years of record growth in shareholders’ equity.  

At KV, David’s major responsibilities included directing and managing the company’s Strategic Plan, managing the Company’s corporate and business unit operations against plan, and directing the growth and expansion of the company’s product and franchise assets through internal pipeline development and external licensing and acquisitions.  He was the primary architect and driver behind four milestone branded product acquisitions generating $38M in revenue that were later grown under his direction to over $200M per year, including the Precare© and Primacare© family of products that became the largest prenatal vitamin franchise in the United States with revenues over $80M per year.  

David joined the KV Board of Directors in 2004 and became Chairman of both the Finance Committee and Business Development Committee in 2010, and a member of the Compensation Committee in 2011. In 2011, David co-founded Xeragenx LLC, and became CEO of the company in January of 2013.  He is also is a member of the Board of Directors.  Xeragenx received its initial funding in June, 2012.  David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration in Strategic Planning.

Jonathan D. Bortz

Board Member

Xeragenx_Web_JonathanPrior to his entrance into the pharmaceutical industry 12 years ago, Jonathan founded the Bortz Diabetes Control Center (BDCC) – a full service multidisciplinary diabetes clinic with five branches in Missouri and Southern Illinois. In 2000, he founded Control Diabetes Inc. to develop and deploy a web based electronic disease management system (iControl Diabetes®) for diabetics that was licensed in the US to Therasense (later Abbott Laboratories) and in South Africa to Roche Diagnostics.

Jonathan joined KV Pharmaceutical in 2003 as VP of Strategic Development and led a cross functional team of scientists, business development and marketing executives to innovate, qualify and develop new pharmaceutical and nutritional branded products, as well as identify and evaluate in-licensing and acquisition opportunities. His core talent is in being able to reduce complex issues into their component parts, analyze and identify vulnerabilities and strengths with the goal of rebuilding to reveal the opportunity missed and/or not appreciated. This systematized and deep analytic approach has led to the creation of over one hundred branded products and product concepts and the filing of over three dozen patents across a broad spectrum of therapeutic categories.

Since 2009, Jonathan has served as an independent consultant to the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries, with clients like Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (US) Albion Human Nutrition, Clearfield UT, Primus Pharmaceuticals Inc., Scottsdale, AZ and Avion Pharmaceuticals LLC, Atlanta, GA. In 2011, he co-founded Xeragenx LLC, became President of the company in 2013 and is a member of the Board of Directors. Jonathan graduated medical school in Johannesburg, South Africa (WITS) and received his training and Board Certification in Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai, Cleveland OH and Endocrinology and Metabolism at Washington University, St. Louis MO.

Eric Moyerman
Vice-President, Product Development

Xeragenx_Web_EricEric has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry encompassing roles in manufacturing and operations leadership, project management, and new product commercialization. During his career, he has worked at a development stage bio-pharmaceutical company and at both specialty and large pharmaceutical companies. Xeragenx recruited Eric in 2013 to lead the company’s product development efforts, scale manufacturing, and build the supply chain.

Eric was the President of the Manufacturing Division of KV Pharmaceutical from 2000 through 2007 coinciding with the increased product expansion of the Ethex generic division and the establishment and launch of branded products at the Ther-Rx marketing division. In his 18 years at KV in various roles, he was responsible for the launch of over 180 new products from 1990 to 2008, helping company revenues exceed $600 million. Eric led KV to acquire and build facilities of over 800,000 square feet in four major buildings and managed capital investment of $250 million over 10 years to meet manufacturing and laboratory capacity demands, capital equipment needs, office space requirements, and anticipate future growth.

Prior to KV, Eric held positions at Adria Laboratories in Marketing, the Office of the President, and as Director of Project Management. As the founding President of the St. Louis Chapter of the Project Management Institute, Eric has helped develop the practice of project management at both Adria Laboratories and KV where he built Project Management Offices with integrated software systems to manage and track new product commercialization and pipeline development activities. Eric’s career began in the OTC Consumer Packaged Goods division of SmithKline as a Brand/Product Manager, where he launched over 10 consumer products and line extensions.Originally from Philadelphia, Eric earned his BS in Marketing and MBA in Management / Strategic Planning from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Ian Jacobson
Board Member

Private Investor
Board Member