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Xeragenx is a plant sciences company developing and commercializing advanced prescription and nutritional products for unmet therapeutic needs. The Company has technology and expertise for extracting recombinant proteins expressed in genetically modified plants and is advancing multiple applications for their commercial use.

The Company’s lead therapeutic compound is for the maintenance treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency via the body’s physiologic absorption pathway. Normal physiologic absorption of vitamin B12 requires it being bound to and protected by the native human protein intrinsic factor for receptor-targeted delivery and release into the bloodstream.

Xeragenx is developing a purified recombinant form of human intrinsic factor (rhIF) that is pre-bound to vitamin B12 for oral administration, ensuring consistent and reliable receptor-targeted absorption with the ideal physiologic dose.

A receptor-targeted oral B12™ pre-bound to rhIF can overcome a number of obstacles that prevent the vitamin from being properly bound, transported, absorbed, and utilized. Providing a highly absorbable oral B12 at the body’s intended physiologic dose also avoids the consequences associated with ingesting B12 in mega dose quantities, which are often a thousand times greater than the physiologic receptor capacity.

Xeragenx is also advancing development programs that utilize the rhIF protein with B12 and/or various conjugates for addressing unmet needs in the delivery of novel therapeutics and diagnostics.